Sunday, November 19, 2017

Welzie Surf Art

Welzie Art 

Welzie Surf Art

Welzie Surf Art

Welzie surf art

Welzie Surf Art

Kailua Mokes Welzie Hawaii art

Makeup by Welzie art

More Welzie Art

Here is some recent Welzie Art :)

waves by Welzie

Haleiwa Bridge surf art by welzie

parakeets by welzie

Shark Family by Welzie

California Collage by welzie

Aloha Collage by Welzie

Aloha by Welzie

Welzie Art

welzie surf art
welzie Surf art
Welzie Abstract resin art

Friday, October 20, 2017

California Art Series

With all the traveling I have been doing back and forth from Hawaii to California, it's no wonder I can't help but be inspired to make a few pieces. Here are the recent pieces inspired by the Golden State.

Welzie Art "California Road Trip"

Welzie Art "California Collage"

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Carlsbad Art, Rythem and Wine Festival 2017

We had so much fun setting up our tiny Gallery at the 2017 Carlsbad Art, Rhythm and Wine Festival at The Forum in Carlsbad, California. The weather felt like home in Hawaii! Here is a picture of "The Happy Shark Family" finding a wonderful new home with the Eggen Family. Mini Shakas and all.
Welzie Art at the Carlsbad Art, Rhythm and Wine Festival 2017

Happy Fish! New 11x14 Matted Prints

So after years and years of only making originals of resin art, I have finally started making reproductions of my favorite pieces. Here are some of the latest 11" x 14 "Happy Fish" prints now available online at
Welzie Surf Art "Happy Couple"

Welzie Surf Art "Fish Family Two Boys"

Welzie Surf Art "The Happy Fishies"

Welzie Surf Art "Curious Kids"

Welzie Surf Art "Father and Daughter"

Welzie Surf Art "Baby Boy"

Welzie Surf Art "Baby Girl"

Welzie Surf Art "Baby Baby Girl"

Welzie Surf Art "Mother and Son"

Welzie Surf Art "Happy Fish With Son"

Monday, September 11, 2017

How We Make Our Silkscreen Wooden Chips

These little hand made silkscreen wood prints are so fun and are a great way to add a little color to wherever you need. This video walks you through the hand made printing process.

Welzie Art: Scorpion Bay Peacock Painting from Welzie Art on Vimeo.